Trans-Shipment / Starting, 2020


Thinking about goods and services in the Horn of Africa? At OBL Int'l, we understand the market and the purchasing power of local residences. We'll help you locate a wide range of goods for purchase contact us.

Consulting / September 1, 2019

Strategy and Business Plan

We advise SMEs businesses to enhancement their financial query, from loan, to insurance benefits, and investment portfolio both in Canada and Horn of Africa (Djibouti).

Development / Starting, 2020

Affordable Housing PPP

Interested in developing affordable housing in Djibouti? A private public partnership feasibility study with an American Consulting firm and the World Bank ready for microeconomic development. An estimated $20 million Fund by the WB to improve the living conditions for residents of urban areas, to achieve a Zero Slum strategy.

Djibouti Market / Starting, 2020

Economy Horn of Africa

The construction of the Djibouti Free Zone (DFZ) project was part of the government strategy called “Vision Djibouti 2035” which aims to transform the country into a middle-income economy and a logistics and commercial hub in East Africa, trade agreements WTO, IGAD and COMESA.  

Our Mission

Our core mission is to deliver a world-class sustainable and meaningful improvements, discover opportunities with in added value without compromise.